Lab Rat Chat

24. Dare 2 Care with J. Preston Van Hooser

August 31, 2021 Season 1 Episode 24
Lab Rat Chat
24. Dare 2 Care with J. Preston Van Hooser
Show Notes

Lab Rat Chat - Episode 24 with J. Preston Van Hooser

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In this episode of Lab Rat Chat, Logan and Jeff chat with Preston Van Hooser, who is a Review Scientist and Compliance Manager at the University of Washington (UW) who has worked to protect the integrity and excellence of vertebrate animal research and teaching.  Preston has developed and implemented UW’s first compassion fatigue program called Dare 2 Care. The goal of this program is to provide those working in the field of biomedical research with the tools they need to mitigate and combat compassion fatigue.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Preston’s extensive and impressive background as a successful research scientist 
  • How and why Preston transitioned from a successful research career into focusing on compassion fatigue and the people who have dedicated themselves to a career within biomedical research 
  • The mission of the Dare 2 Care program and how everyone across the globe can benefit from this incredible program
  • Some of the special projects the Dare 2 Care program has initiated and how these programs have directly impacted many laboratory animal professionals

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