Lab Rat Chat

23. Getting Real with Cindy Buckmaster

July 31, 2021 Lab Rat Chat Season 1 Episode 23
Lab Rat Chat
23. Getting Real with Cindy Buckmaster
Show Notes

Lab Rat Chat - Episode 23 with Dr. Cindy Buckmaster

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In this episode of Lab Rat Chat, Logan and Jeff chat with Cindy Buckmaster, who has been involved in the field of laboratory animal science for over 25 years. She is involved in educational and public outreach organizations while frequently speaking to the media because of her in-depth knowledge and passion for research animals and laboratory animal care. Dr. Buckmaster has recently started her own podcast, GetReal! to continue her mission of advocating on the behalf of lab animals.  After listening to this episode and hearing what her podcast is all about and her passion for what she does, you’ll be very intrigued to go check out GetReal!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Dr. Buckmaster’s background and the path she has taken to become a spokesperson for the care and welfare of laboratory animals
  • Why Cindy believes public outreach and advocacy is so important to the field of laboratory animal science
  • What GetReal! is all about and some details of what listeners can expect to learn while listening

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