Lab Rat Chat

News Bite - December 2021

December 24, 2020 Lab Rat Chat
Lab Rat Chat
News Bite - December 2021
Show Notes

First installment of Lab Rat Chat News Bites where Danielle and Jeff break down important topics.

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In this new series of episodes to complement the usual interview style episodes you've grown accustomed to on Lab Rat Chat, Danielle and Jeff break down and inform their listeners of recent news, trends, and events going on related to biomedical research and the use of animals for the advancement of human and veterinary medicine.  Look for more episodes of Lab Rat Chat News Bites on a monthly basis.

In this first episode, Jeff and Danielle discuss:

  • The Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines recently approved by the FDA
  • The importance of animals in research for the development of the vaccine
  • The pioneer behind the mRNA vaccines, Katalin Karikó
  • Their own thoughts and opinions on the vaccine production timeline
  • Why pandas apparently like to roll around in horse poop

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