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News Bite - October 2022

October 30, 2022 Lab Rat Chat
Lab Rat Chat
News Bite - October 2022
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Show Notes

News Bites are monthly episodes where Danielle and Jeff break down important topics surrounding the field of biomedical research (and some unrelated topics).

In this News Bite edition, Jeff and Danielle discuss:

  • How mice, and many other species, benefit from having fat in their bodies.
  • Needless jet injection technology?!
  • Reviving organs in pigs HOURS after death
  • Why elephants don't get cancer - we bet you've never even thought about this but it's quite incredible  

Links to all these stories can be found below

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Resources & Links:

Benefits of Fat in the Body Story:

Needleless Jet Injection Story:

Reviving Pig Organs After Death Story:

Elephants and Cancer Story:

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All Lab Rat Chat episodes are edited by Audionauts: