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27. The Bird is More than the Word, with Dr. Christine Lattin

June 01, 2022 Lab Rat Chat
Lab Rat Chat
27. The Bird is More than the Word, with Dr. Christine Lattin
Show Notes

Lab Rat Chat - Episode 27 with Dr. Christine Lattin

In this episode of Lab Rat Chat, Danielle and Jeff chat with Dr. Christine Lattin, an assistant professor at Louisiana State University.   She conducts incredible research using birds as a model to help our understanding of stress and how different neurotransmitters and hormones help wild animals successfully cope with challenges, from predators to disease.  Dr. Lattin's research will advance our understanding of how these hormone and neurotransmitter pathways work in humans as the pathways are very similar amongst all vertebrae species.  We also discuss an extensive and uncalled-for attack campaign by PETA on Dr. Lattin's research and personal life and how she's been able to continue to thrive and overcome these challenges.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Dr. Lattin's extensive and impressive background and her journey to get where she's at in her career today.
  • Why and how birds are a critical model to use in order to understand her research interests.
  • The future application of her research using birds and how it will be able to benefit humans and society.
  • Why her research has been targeted by PETA, the extensive amount of work and money PETA has spent attacking her and her research, and how she's been able to adapt and overcome.

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