Lab Rat Chat

News Bite - March 2022

April 01, 2022 Lab Rat Chat
Lab Rat Chat
News Bite - March 2022
Show Notes

News Bites are monthly episodes where Danielle and Jeff break down important topics surrounding the field of biomedical research (and some unrelated topics).

In this News Bite edition, Jeff and Danielle discuss:

  • How scientists have figured out a way to interpret pig grunts to reveal their emotions
  • Jeff's lack of ability to pay attention to prior News Bite stories and re-tell a story from January about osteoarthritis (but, as a man with 4 kids, just happens to be able to make-up for it by having an additional story regarding male contraceptive research on hand and ready to go)
  • The first ever genetic model of down syndrome in rats
  • The mystifying way boa constrictors are able to breathe while squeezing their prey

 Links to all these stories can be found below

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